Artist Statement


I am a painter who no longer paints.

As an interdisciplinary artist, my works will look at the implications of material. While not married to any medium, my only true commitment is to a didactic practice. When a viewer comes upon my work, they will gain an insight to a world that they feel as foreign to them. Conflict is the primary informant of the work. Whether it be my personal experiences with armed conflict or the cognitive dissonance we each hold, my practice is a bridge for the irreconcilable. Creating forms that seem plausible, yet serve as poor figures in reality. An abstracted and deformed Nike built out of fragile material to illustrate poor selection of idols.

Working with materials that would appear to be diametrically opposed to the content. Elevating cheap and manufactured materials to being sacred, or creating forms that appear a necessity, yet serve no utilitarian purpose. Reminding people of how they affect each other, and how they are effected is the focus of my work. Even the act of making art is itself a comment on necessity. 

My work has evolved from irreverent social commentary into more pointed concepts. After years of travel and combat, I’ve developed a blistering and prodding tongue. Somber tones throughout the works tell tragic tales of misunderstanding.